New version of Emerald 9.128 - great Joomla 3 series membership/subscription extensions is here with 2 amazing new features.

I'll remind that Emerald is the oldest membership extension for Joomla with tons of features and dozen thousands of satisfied users. Fully fronted managed. With unique algorithm to restrict any page or action of any extension without need of additional integration.

Hikashop Integration

Now you can sell Emerald plans as products or with products of Hikashop Joomla shopping cart extension.

The usage is very simple.

  1. Install Emerald action and Hikashop plugin.
  2. Publish plugin.
  3. Edit/add plan and in action tab, add Hikashop action. You will have to associate plan with Hikashop product(s) in action parameters.

That is it!

Get integration now.

Subscription During Registration

This is long waited feature. Historically and on purpose we did not added registration functionality into Emerald for a number of very good reasons which you can read in Emerald overview at the very bottom.

And we still believe that Emerald should not have registration built-in. But since Joomla 2.5 there is user profiles functionality that allows extend core Joomla registration form. And that is what we did. Big update! Emerald 9.127 Joomla membership/subscription is released with 2 great new features.

Now in Emerald plugin that is installed with Emerald package, which you can find in user group, you will see parameter to activate this. And on registration form user will be able to select plan, and after success user creation, he will be redirected to payment gateway. Even user account activation is not required. User can get subscription before confirm his account.

And we do not plan to stop here. Easysocial registration will be released next week and JomSocial with Community Builder are in nearest plans.

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Action []
  • Emerald Gateway []
  • Plugin []
  • Plugin []
  • Plugin []
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