New version of Cobalt 8.425 is here. Cobalt is a great Joomla form generator or CCK.

This version has very important update. We have dropped the way installation handles DB consistency. Joomla offer attach SQL patch to be applied on every update. But we discovered that in our case this is not very reliable process. And we can obviously wee it during update from Cobalt 7 to 8.It always produce errors because during supporting Cobalt 7 and 8 simultaneously, some change goes to both versions and some only to latest.

Let's get technical

Now we do not use SQL files at all. We automatically create DB snapshot in form of JSON files. And when we install o on every update we simply compare current DB with our snapshot and run required queries which are build on the fly for particular installation.

Let's get non technical

What it simply means for you? It means that you may update from Cobalt 7 to Cobalt 8 without any SQL error and then manual SQL querying. Just install update and that is it. You may be 100% sure (may be 99% we just released) that DB conform to latest structure.

You will only need to re-save sections, types and change template and update its settings.

It also means least installation errors. There was some people who struggled to install Cobalt. It always missed to create tables. That should not be the case now.

Please make backup before update!

Other Fixes

  • fix - file are deleted immediately if Audit log is turned off.
  • fix - uploader remove and cyrillic in name.
  • fix - disable archive and remove table on update.
  • fix - module category - mootree layout.
  • fix - comments - komento mysql error.

Affected Files

  • Cobalt []
  • Comment []
  • Field []
  • Media []
  • Module []
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