I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.

Here is the new version of the great Cobalt CCK 8.356.

This incredible piece of software, like a Jinn, can do almost everything for you, but simply not limited to 3 wishes. Download and install it for free today, invest some effort to learn, and erase your development limits.

  • fix - Notification center - expired records notification text.
  • add - order by title for articles in relate field selector.
  • enhanced - cron to send alerts.
  • fix - edit by public user 500 error.
  • fix - cobalt - emerald integration.

Updated Files

  • Cobalt [com_cobalt.j3.v.8.356.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.checkbox.v.8.60.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.datetime.v.8.61.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.dripcontent.v.8.9.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.multiselect.v.8.33.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.radio.v.8.29.zip]
  • Field [field_cobalt.j3.select.v.8.27.zip]
Cobalt Joomla CCK


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