New version of great Joomla 3 series membership component - Emerald 9.101 is here folks.

It is so excited to amaze together of using this extension and share this wonderful excitement with others. Although it is already some time Emerald 9 has been released, I am still very passionate about it when I use it. So simple but so powerful and so beautiful.

Here are new features and improvements in this release.

  • add - emerald - require subscription. This is new parameter in Emerald system plugin. This simply require loged in user to have subscription, and will redirect user to plans list until he pays or logoff.
  • add - emerald - kazkom payment plugin. OJS Kazkommerts Bank is a most popular bank in Kazakhstan.
  • add - emerald - integrations with E-Autopay, JustClick, ordermaster
  • fix - emerald - when subscription is used out show lock icon.
  • fix - emerald - html correct
  • fix - emerald - strict standarts PHP errors

Affected Files

  • Emerald []
  • Emerald Gateway []
Emerald - Downloads


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