Emerald new version 9.92 of Joomla 3 series membership component is here.

First it is marked as RC. May be not for production yet but definitely you can start develop your sites with it. It will become stable very shortly.

This is big update. You can see we went from 9.87 to 9.92. And this means that we had 5 builds during the week. Quite active development.

  • fix - emerald - fixed coupon discount application with fixed price.
  • fix - emerald - no actions fount on plan edit with clean installed template for gallery
  • fix - emerald - offline payment plugin markdown error.
  • fix - emerald - some translation errors.
  • fix - emerald - check selected rows on toolbar button clicks.
  • fix - emerald - deletion or state change for registered users if selected in Emerald configuration.
  • fix - emerald - if no data in analytics, No data text is shown.

Affected files

  • Emerald [com_emerald.j3.v.9.92.zip]
  • Emerald Gateway [gateways_emerald.j3.offline.v.9.18.zip]
Emerald - Downloads


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