Today, MintJoomla finally launched a demo site for our Membership (Emerald) and Content Creation Kit (Cobalt) extensions. I know it should have been there since a long time already, but better late than never.

Cobalt has so many features and possible setup scenarios that we simply can not demonstrate all of those features just within one demo site. Therefore we tried to keep it simple for the start and will add new packages later to demonstrate new features.


We preinstalled 3 sections into our Cobalt demo - Forum, Calendar and Gallery. Those sections will serve as an introduction, while also showcasing quite some of Cobalts unique features. All sections are available as Cobalt packs in downloads.


It is crucial to have an Emerald demo since, unlike Cobalt, it is a commercial extension and you cannot download a test version.

This new demo site will allow you immediately to try and test this beautiful extension, see its incredible flexibility and feel its innovations before you finally decide to get it. Emerald's amazing UX will make you fall in love with it.

And by the way, we are one review away from a counted rating in JED. Who is the one, who will let Emerald shine in JED?


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