We are happy to introduce the beta release of Emerald 9 (former Mighty Membership), the best and most mature Joomla membership extension.

This is a completel new extension. Almost all of the code was refactored. We have never made such a big update for this extension since it was released 7 years ago. Now it not only looks different, it also works differently.

We took a perfect membership extension and made it even better. Shortcomings were removed and every idea and suggestion from our customers was taken into account for this new version. We analyzed all other Joomla membership extensions, and although it was hard to find there something that Emerald does not have, we compiled all those features and pulled them into this simple to use but amazingly powerful extension.

In addition to all existing features, now we've got:

Frontend Based

One of most exciting features - Emerald is a frontend extension now. You will create plans, categories, coupons, manage subscriptions all from the frontend. I know at first it may sound a little unusual compared to other Joomla extensions. But think of the additional possibilities this approach can provide within your work flow. .

With our upcoming alternative rights management (on our road map) users will be able to create their own subscription plans and sell something on your site with their own subscriptions. This allows you to use membership site as SaaS or in other words a multi-vendor solution.

And I guarantee that once you start using it, you will love it. Within just few minutes of using the new Emerald system you will discover, that managing from frontend is much more convenient than the old way. No need to switch between back and front end anymore -- everything is right there in one place.

Read the quick start instruction on how to set everything up.


How you start to work with Emerald dashboard.

It is very basic as of now, but in Beta 2 we will activate additional options like:

  • All subscriptions that require attention.
  • Latest subscriptions.
  • Sales progress line chart and pie.

Restriction Adapters

They are called rules. Emerald is famous for its unique ability to restrict any extension without need of integration. We advanced this system. A new sophisticated algorithm searchs for special adapter and uses their advanced restriction rules to select a component, otherwise it uses our proven universal component restriction rule.

In addition, now you can create unlimited number of restrictions per component.

Right out of the box you will get 2 restriction adapters for creating rules.

  • Universal - works with any Joomla component.
  • com_content - for Joomla core articles.


You can add unlimited number of actions to every emerald plan. Actions are triggered on successful plan activation/deactivation.

Here is the list of available actions:

  • User Group - Move user to Joomla desired group. Note that subscription plans are already considered as user groups. You need this action only if you use Joomla core ACL to add additional restrictions.
  • SQL Query - Runs custom SQL queries on subscription activated and deactivated events.
  • AMIGOS - Integrates with AMIGOS Affiliate Tracking
  • iDevAffiliate - Integrates with iDevAffiliate
  • Google Analytics - Add tracking code and let Google Analytics to register goal and amount paid. Then you will see your sale reports in Google Analytics
  • Hook URL - Send POST request to given URL with purchase details.
  • Custom JavaScript - Any piece of javascript code. There are a lot of applications that integrates with simple placing JS code on the page.

Read more about actions


Now every plan's group/category can render list of plans in its own template. You may add new templates and set it for group. You can edit your templates and you will not lose those on every Emerald update.

Right our of the box you get 2 templates. Vertical table plan and the classic plan list.

Templates were refactored to provide a cleaner, more attractive display.


We tried to create extensive, easy to read documentation. Not only for users but also for developers.

This is our new documentation website. This site is not yet officially announced and we are still working on it but it already can be source of very useful information.


Next Beta 2 release on August 8. Thats's just in 2 weeks.

  • Migration from Emerald 8 and Mighty Membership.
  • Cobalt 8 - Emerald 9 integration updated and tested.
  • Dashboard improvements. Sales line chart and pie. And latest plans. And plans that require manual activation or deletion.
  • Rest of payment gateways converted.


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