This week some tiny but very neat features are there in Cobalt 8.218 - Oldest Joomla CCK. Every week it become more and more mature.

It was long waited and finally implemented. You know that you can select more then one template how to show list of the records. And if you select more then one, Cobalt will draw list view switcher and allow user to change from table view to thumbnails or blog or Google map. By the way AFAIK Cobalt is the only CCK that let you do it.

The was a problem though. There was no option what template to load as default. But it is no the case any more :)

  • add - default article list template if more than one selected.

Other interesting features.

  • add - textarea field user mention. This show dropdown suggestion when you start typing user name with @.
  • fix - do not show Disable comments control if comments are off.
  • fix - cobalt - level up.
  • fix - packer - cancel on pack form.
  • add - unfeature record article control along with audit log record.
  • fix - map template show children in relation fields.
  • fix - map template show additional article list under map in relate fields.
  • add - text field - default value parameter
  • add - text field - regexp validation

Affected Files

  • Build Cobalt
  • Build Templates
  • Build Media
  • Build Comment
  • Build Comment
  • Build Module
  • Build Plugin

  • Build Fields Relate

  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
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