I had a massive update from PHP5.6 to PHP7.1 and and server components. Plus Joomla to latest version. Please if something does not work report on forum.

This week We are happy to announce new field for Cobalt 8 CCK. It come out that in few places I got the same requests at the same time and I got feeling that it is very needed field. Welcome new field Register.

This field allows to register and auto login user during article submission. Public just enter user name, email and password and after form submission, account will be created and new record will be created for this user. If user exists it will check password and if match auto login user. It has 2 forms for register and login. If one already has an account, one can just login. One can enter Email or user name.

This field may use email field as external source of email address.

Registration and login is made through core Joomla classes and all Joomla register and login parameters will be applied. Best would be to disable email activation for correct immediate login.

  • new - register field - field that allow to register along with article submission.


And again, geo field and map list template attracted our attention. Some new features added and fixes applied. More to come :)

  • add - map template - heatmap layer
  • add - map template - bicycle, trafic, transit, panaramio layers.
  • add - geo field - zoom controls destorted
  • fix - geo and map template - many small bugs an errors like marker display or so.


  • add - parameter for section root to show featured first.
  • fix - selectable fields use oа HTML in values
  • add - audit log - file restored event
  • add - audit log - field name where file was deleted
  • fix - table - audit_version
  • fix - fields with uploads - fixed upload on some servers with limitation for HTTP headers.
  • fix - uploads field - delete files

Updated Files

  • Build media pkg_cobalt.media.v.8.37.zip
  • Build Cobalt com_cobalt.v.8.177.zip

  • Build Field field_cobalt.checkbox.v.8.45.zip

  • Build Field field_cobalt.email.v.8.27.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.geo.v.8.94.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.listautocomplete.v.8.24.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.multiselect.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Relate field_cobalt.relations.v.8.24.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.radio.v.8.24.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.register.v.8.2.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.select.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.status.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.text.v.8.20.zip
  • Build Field field_cobalt.video.v.8.35.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_category.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_filters.v.8.34.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_followers.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_ifollow.v.8.19.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_notifications.v.8.21.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_participants.v.8.16.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_records.v.8.31.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_sectionstatistics.v.8.27.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_tagcloud.v.8.23.zip
  • Build Module mod_cobalt_userstatistics.v.8.17.zip
  • Build JoomSocial pkg_plg_joomsocial.v.8.36.zip
Cobalt Joomla CCK


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