Cobalt CCK is a 8th generation of Joomla CCK exclusively for Joomla 3.0. It was first CCK and still the best. Do not forget to read what is new in Cobalt 8, but be sure you have fastened your seatbelt :)

This is a kind of updates we release weekly on every Thursday.

JomSocial final stage

just as we have been planing. We release final JomSocial integration by the release of stable JomSocial which works on Joomla 3.0. This is only 2 lines but very big things behind.

  • add - Jomsocial - karma (user points) integration
  • add - jomsocial - activity integration. You can configure any section to post activity in JomSocial user profile wall.

With this final step of JomSocial integration with Cobalt 7, we formed Cobalt event API. It means that integration for Community + Builder will be quick. We will not spend time on changing Cobalt and adding events, just create plugins. CB integration will be done in one step :)


Geo field and map template again attracted a lot of attentions this week. Some really great improvement had been done.

These 2 now change everything. Even if you want to load 50 000 markers(articles), it is matter of only 4.5 MB of data comparing to approximately 450 Mb with old method(which would fail with PHP memory limit error) now done with ajax which make page load almost instantly.

  • add - map template - all markers are loaded with ajax. Better speed, less memory is used.
  • add - map template - marker window loading with ajax. Again quicker and less server resources are used.

And some orther fixes and features

  • add - map template - show cloud and weather layers.
  • add - geo field - template to show record in marker info window.
  • add - geo field - remove position option.
  • fix - geo field - marker in filter size dismissed.
  • fix - geo field - display filter input in filter module always highlighted as active.
  • fix - geo field - marker from address algorithm.
  • fix - geo field - do not save anything if field is empty.

Now only Geo (Address And Map) field by it self worth Cobalt CCK to be used.


Although Cobalt is well optimised (we have learned mistakes from the past) I am very happy when we are able to make Cobalt even faster. These 2 deserves special highlight :)

  • optimise - multilevel select field from 3.5 to 1 second filter render speed.
  • optimise - audit log - saves less data. Instead of aprox. 5Mb per every 500 log entries, now it is only 1Mb.

New and delicious

  • add - module - whom I follow that shows content in user personal homepage.
  • add - module - who follows this user that shows content in user personal homepage.


  • add - filter module - text search box
  • fix - cobalt - double click on save button create 2 records
  • fix - cobalt - title unique for all records not unique only within the type.
  • fix - timeline template - show images from image field.
  • fix - templates - control buttons not visible in filefox
  • add - integration - com_uddeim now + Build in. Just install this extension and link to send message to user will appear automatically for every user in personalised section.
  • add - audit log - restore deleted files.
  • add - audit log - download deleted file.
  • fix - comments default template - buttons plus and minus not visible.
  • fix - cobalt - template copy error
  • fix - module records - only following types parameter
  • fix - Long label pushes down checkbox field values
  • fix - simple list template - title as link parameter
  • fix - categories pagination


  • fix - image field - image title with non latin characters
  • fix - image field - images now interchanged. No matter what was the method of image selection, if you change it old images will be still visible.
  • fix - multilevel select - use HTML in values.
  • fix - multilevel select - add root elements.

Affected files

  • Build Cobalt
  • Build Media
  • Build Libraries
  • Build JoomSocial


  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Fields Relate
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field
  • Build Field


  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
  • Build Module
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