This is biggest update ever!

Dear customers. We have been working very hard to deliver stability to best CCK extension ever known for Joomla. Please discover new features and enjoy bug fixes. And spread the word:)

Cobalt Extension

  • added - tabber and slider support in default form and record templates.
  • added - single date input data picker added
  • fixed - automatically set current category if category selector not enabled.
  • fixed - sql query to notifications.
  • fixed - field records parameters
  • fixed - delete old categories when change record category
  • fixed - template choose parameter error in templates.
  • fixed - installation file
  • fixed - slash absence in icon URL
  • fixed - records list template apply list limit parameter
  • fixed - title cut in feed
  • added - show number of records in category. But now only in current category. No support to show number of records in category and its subcategories.
  • fixed - title show when set no title in the type.
  • fixed - Message please edit comment parameters.
  • fixed - notice in form if no title
  • fixed - default menu template "Post Here" still show even if there is no links to post.
  • fixed - breadcrumbs for submission form
  • fixed - section name in category select
  • fixed - fields disappear no page navigation
  • added - article-featured class for all featured articles.
  • added - Field parameters new option "none" for access to view, submit, edit

Selectable field

  • added - SQL query as a value source for fields select, listautocomplete, multiple select, radio, checkboxes
  • fixed - add color to field values
  • fixed - use HTML in field values
  • added - icon parameter for filter linkage

Boolean field

  • fixed - filters show numbers

Telephone field

  • fixed - filter work with phones with extensions

Text field

  • fixed - input masks
  • added - mask input Description

Uploads field

  • fixed - uploads field bugs
  • added - list users templates
  • added - 3 templates simple list, table, UL list
  • added - add description
  • added - change title
  • added - protect deletion
  • changed - file structure as changed

Email field

  • fixed - filter show number

Status field

  • fixed - icons show in parameters
  • fixed - Javascript errors in Chrome and safari

Url field

  • fixed - validation
  • added - url field feature. When look for title animate title text box
  • fixed - url field classes class="inputbox" for all inputs.
  • added - parameter for URL field icon for filter linkage

GEO field

  • added - QR codes for address and geo position
  • added - create your own Google map style in Google map list template
  • fixed - Google map template javascript

Gallery field

  • fixed - all reported bugs
  • added - number of uploads limit
  • changed - file structure as changed
  • fixed - templates for gallery popup
  • fixed -user name off parameter crash

Relation fields

  • fixed - relation fields strict to user parameter has not been implemented
  • added - relation fields parameter strict to user mode which allow to chose which user ID to use. Currently logged in user or record author.
  • added - when add related record from other record, change of relation record disabled

Digits field

  • fixed - format digit with hundreds and decimal separators

Email field

  • fixed - for email field mail popup width to get rid of horizontal scroll

Pay to download field

  • fixed - field pay to download to be able to download 0 price files.


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