Moving to GitHub

As part of advancing our development flow, we gave up old technologies (SVN) and moved our development to GitHub. Although it is private repository and not accessible by other people I think it is important for you to know where we are going. GitHub will help us to work more efficiently.

Issue Tracker

GitHub's issue tracker is very good. It is much easier now for us to communicate and assign/explain tasks which results in less questions and therefore faster and more productive work flow. It is an advantage to have the Issue Tracker right by the code unlike before where we used to track errors and features. Now not only issues are right there on the same page, also the commits with fixes are attached right to the issues, which leads us to a better code management.

Code Management

We did not use this yet in our development process. GitHub provides simple tools to visually look though committed changes. This will definitely result in a better and less redundant code.

Accessibility for Freelancer

Since we had our own local SVN server, it was very hard for us to hire freelancers for small jobs or custom development tasks. Sometimes there are tasks that may be faster accomplished by hiring additional personal just for a few days. With GitHub we will be very flexible and ready to enlarge the Cobalt developer community quite easy.

Preparing For Cobalt 8

As part of the process to release Cobalt 8, we have to change the version of all Cobalt 7 packs to version 7. All fields, modules, media and library will be renumbered. Later, when Cobalt 8 is out, it will be easier to identify the correct packs per version.

This update

  • enhanced - selectable fields (radio, select, checkbox, multiselect, listautocomplete) added default value parameter
  • enhanced - selectable fields (radio, select, checkbox, multiselect, listautocomplete) ensure that all values are passed through JText and are translatable.
  • fixed - multilevelselect field - show record count in filter
  • fixed - payvoucher fied - translations added, fixed template and parameter saving.
  • fixed - paypal gateway - text return instead of button on error.
  • fixed - module records not working.
  • fixed - selectable fields (radio, select, checkbox, multiselect, listautocomplete) filter template toogle_link
Cobalt 7 - Downloads


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