Some new features as usual :)

  • added - UddeIm Integration
  • added - content prepare for category, section and type descriptions. It means that content plugins will be triggered on that text.
  • added - Joomla core style blog template
  • added - rating value in rating notification text

And small fixes

  • fixed - submission form buttons works according form parameter access level
  • fixed - access to special articles for authors
  • fixed - error on install pack forum comments.php on line 90
  • fixed - field ordering for pay to download field
  • fixed - list records limit by default set to Joomla global config
  • fixed - packer users with the same email or user name are not copied but bonded. Otherwise is there user admin copied, there are 2 admin users and conflict on login.
  • fixed - do not create link on the user name to user home for public users 'Guests'
  • fixed - alias is changed when we click Save As Copy button.
  • fixed - notification number of events shift down


  • fixed - records - do not show in the list current record.
  • fixed - multiple level select -template show value with filter disabled
  • fixed - gallery display error when in the full view show list of records with gallery list view.
  • added - paytoaccess and paytodownload set user to skip payment as group.
  • fixed - pay to download check download access.
  • fixed - url field - js to get url title
  • fixed - email field - send mail
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