The last Cobalt update was very important to start our Packs program. I know that everyone has been waiting for this moment. Our first Cobalt pack!

The first pack is a Forum with some advanced features. Please read description, see screenshots and watch our video. We installed also a forum-demo for you. It is absolutely free, since it is build based on our basic fields. We consider this a technology showcase to demonstrate what great things can be done with Cobalt with just a little effort. I bet you will be surprised about the setup - just 1 SECTION (with some subcategories) and 1 TYPE (with 1 field) plus some customized templates are enough to make it work. If you want to add a support ticket system to it, just add another TYPE with 4 fields and you are good to go.

Te section pack idea has even a long history back to Resources 1.5, but did not get the needed attention, it deserves. Although we expected a lot of packs created by our community it was always one of the neglected Power-Features. We used it in several internal projects for data exchange and quick setup of pre-defined solutions. Since we have a strong belief in this technology, we decided to develop it further and create packs for the community to demonstrate its power and at the same time showcase Cobalts capabilities.

After a lot of analysis be can now provide even a better packing technology than before. More parameters were added an better automation implemented to make it much easier for the average Cobalt user to benefit from this technology.

Now the Packer became a great tool to build apps based on Cobalt's CCK. More detailed documentation will follow very soon.

Stay tuned for more exciting packs. Some of them will be free, some commercial to add more value to you, our valued customers, who already purchased a subscription.

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