We have been preparing Forum Pack for you. And it is ready. But packer was not working good enough for what we wanted to deliver. So we have reviewed packer and fixed some issues there.

  • added - packer - create menu (if not exists) for installing section and set itemid parameter automatically
  • added - pack name generation now includes build number
  • fixed - packer - installation script file permission and overrides
  • fixed - packer - create directories permissions fixed
  • fixed - packer - sql tables corrected
  • fixed - packer - comment attachments pack and transfer

Now it is ready to accept packs. And first pack is coming not later than monday.

Some new features. Hard to work the whole week without adding something new :)

  • added - mark article (new section parameter). By default it is No, because it can affect speed. $item->new will be true if no one from this IP or not this user ever viewed this article.
  • added - akeeba backup restoration point support. That means that if you have akeeba backup installed, and you update Cobalt, it will automatically make restoration point for Cobalt. So there is not need to make backup before installation (AS STATED BY AKEEBA), and backup will be done right before installing update.
  • added - comment template parameter to show/hide title

Also this week we have been able to fix a lot of deep hidden bugs.

  • fixed - automatic user group reordering to avoid conflicts
  • fixed - article submission categories limit
  • fixed - calculation of records in category according currently logged in user access level
  • fixed - filter set from link with category and user id
  • fixed - on save comment delete empty paragraphs
  • fixed - access to special article if author
  • fixed - SEF did not path category ID to record view
  • fixed - SEF did not path category ID to submission form
  • fixed - filter link wrong Itemid
  • fixed - save notifications according to category
  • fixed - moderator with restricted content access category articles count
  • fixed - moderator with restricted content access view in the list

Selectable fields

  • fixed save 0


  • added - field geo skype icon shows status
  • fixed - geo field distant search set current location javascript error
  • optimised - geo field distant search SQL query.

Pay to download

  • fixed - pay to download field mark files saved correctly


  • fixed - html field $app not found error


Also updated fields image, text and textarea

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