More Optimisations

I have been waiting for this moment. Fortunately one of our very first client had big DB (80 000 records) with different relations. That helped us to optimise Cobalt a lot. But I knew that there may be problem with many categories. And I did not have a chance to test in real environment.

Recently we got one client with 3 000 of them. And he had 11s page load time. The query that caused this delay was 7.8s. By the end of the optimisation it was 0.019s. Not bad. And now we know that a lot of categories is not a problem for Cobalt :)

And I believe that Cobalt still may accept more challenges like that.

2 New Languages

You all know we have public translation community at transifex. We will include languages that reaches 98% of translation into standard installation.

This release we include Ukrainian (thanks to Denys) and Russian.


  • optimised - categories select. From 7.8 seconds query to 0.019 seconds.
  • fixed - if set not to show subcategories in category index, query is simplified for better perfomance.
  • fixed - type description field fixed - textarea field templates
  • fixed - menu parameters watched 2 times
  • fixed - error in template parameters
  • changed - allow html in fields group title


  • fixed - xml


  • fixed - tmpl countdown.php
  • fixed - single date picker
  • fixed - compare filter


  • fixed - Map list sub template accept parameters and load CSS
  • fixed - filter template

Multiple Levels Select

  • fixed - filter template


  • fixed - output and input templates parameter.
  • fixed - category filtering
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