We are shifting our release day from every Friday to Every Thursday. It was sometimes disappointing to release right before weekends. If there is an error, people had to wait till monday.
Please make a backup before update. Read carefully and may be you will consider to wait next release.

This update is critical. We wanted to avoid something like that, but we have to change some things in Cobalt 7 to support backward compatibility later with Cobalt 8. There is a big change in all fields. All fields was heavily refactored and now of version 2.0. But we were testing it very carefully and believe there will not be major idssues and small one we will fix ASAP.

But it adds incredible features. Every field now have a template parameters for Input, Output and Filters for fields with filtering support. You can create your own template for field and it will looks exactly like you want without losing your changes on following updates.

If you update Cobalt you have to update all the fields.
  • added - fields templates system
  • added - comment tracking interface. This is Javascript function that can be used with 3DP comment systems to be called as call back on new comment so you can get notification even if it is not native Cobalt comment system. Documentation on this later in Community Knowledge.
  • fixed - Delete votes in backend
  • fixed - record edit error on submission limitation reach.
  • fixed - api no section fatal error
  • fixed - field lose type_id on session expire
  • fixed - relate fields "attach existing" problem
  • fixed - mark files saved in DB
  • fixed - files are packed into download ZIP with real name now
  • changed - all titles in all list templates are now in H2 tag
  • fixed - relate fields did not show correctly if many relation with one type.
  • added - field key in the fields list
  • fixed - advanced table template
  • fixed - toolset file cleanup


  • fix - filter

Multiple Level Select

  • filter fix


  • fixed - single date picker
  • added - countdown template
  • fixed - compare filter


  • added - field records narrow by category.


  • added - markdown tables support for yoothems table styling

Module Records

  • fixed - module records parameters select type.
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