That took us sometime but we are finally releasing this long waiting field Multiple level select. The select relate field that we had in Mighty Resources was great. But it was also limited to some extend.

So we took all select relate shortcomings and created yet better field. The main advantages of this field on top of all features we had in select relate are:

  1. Multi values - user can add few number of chains/nodes
  2. User values - Users now can add their own values.
  3. Db storage - All field values tree is now saved in the DB. That gives us number of advantages. First if is more accurate and speedy filtering because field saves integers not a strings. Easier manager to add or delete elements in the tree. What I mean also imagine you have same element spelling mistake or you just need to change it. In select relater which stored text values you had do edit every record for changes to take place. how you edit it in tree manager and it is changed everywhere because records only stores references.
Field - Multiple Level Select


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