This release includes some cool features. It is only few lines in the list but i want to emphasize some of them.


  • added - category parameters to override content type itemid parameter
  • added - itemid consistency for record lists.

This 2 features allow very complicated modules manipulations. Everyone who understand hat is itemid in Joomla will greatly appreciate it. By simple words it allows to change itemid of articles only in some categories and keep it different in other categories. You can check it in our Download section when you open any field full view you will see modules that are only there when you open fields.


  • advanced - sales search algorithm
  • added - sales list filters by product, section, buyer
  • added - create manual sales
  • added - set power users who can manage all sales in sales menu element parameters
  • added - SSI fields parameters to set Itemid for list of orders and sales for URLs consistecy

This is what we actually wanted to deliver with Cobalt 8 but since we needed it on our new site we had to deliver it sooner.

Other cool fixes

  • changed - CSS formatting of tooltips has been deleted
  • advanced - Statistic calculations speed
  • fixed - inheritance of record mode parameter from category
  • added - sales search by order ID
  • fixed - SSI order identification for every record. Important for all who use it please update.
  • fixed - Reset the field values from the session when you press cancel on the form of an article
  • added - rating template crown
  • fixed - submission notice
  • deleted - section language field

Relate Fields

  • fixed - child on add new parent not connected
  • fixed - parent on add new child selection allowed
  • fixed - parent on attach create 0 record ID DB row

Gallery Field

  • fixed - Fixed shading in quickbox
  • fixed - display files in the form uploader error after saving the article

Field Geo

  • added - field geo now additional values are manageable in field parameters


  • added - textarea prepare content ability. Will put textarea text through Joomla content prepare and will treat it with onContentPrepare plugins

Pay To Download

  • fixed - paytodownload field all sales link not showing

PayPal Gateway

  • added - issue escalation and issue resolve handling


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