We have started to use Cobalt on our own site. And it make sense, isn't it :). It is better to use by self what you offer to others. This experience also helps us to fix all tiny errors and bugs which are not easily discoverable.

We use Cobalt now in 2 places.

  1. This news section.
  2. New 3DP resources section
This Section

In this section we will post different article types.

  • This one called news to inform you what happening here
  • Update to inform you on new releases and updates and what new features it includes
  • Blog Post to tell you little bit more about us. How we spend our free time. What we are doing right now and other interesting reading which may includes videos and pictures

This section is going to be one source of all information.

3DP Extensions

Right now there is nothing there, and may be won't be very soon, but at least it is a demonstration what Cobalt can do for now. And I also hope that soon it will be full of different useful downloads.

In this section we use our SSI(Simple Sale Interface). If you produce something you can upload and set the price, and allow other to purchase your great product and instantly download. The purchase will go to your PayPal without any commission.

Facebook Comments

Hope you will like facebook comments here. It looks nice and very social.


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